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Start list for FIREE Y2Y Orienteering Championships 2020 cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2020 (Middle/Long)

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Name: FIREE Y2Y Orienteering Championships 2020 cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2020 (Middle/Long)
Organiser: Y2Y Orienteering Development and Training Centre
Date: 12 January 2020


9 100 m, 32 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
1Tsz Wai YuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People10:30
28668695BRIAN WING YOUNG POONHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
38664826Chak Lun Gerald YipHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
48639355Kin Kwan KwokMetropolitan Orienteering Club10:30
58360817Chun Ho LiQueen's College Orienteering Club10:30
6Sing Wai LiApex Action10:30
78667689Chit Hei ShiuHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
88630928Chi Hang LeungOrienteering Seeds HK10:30
98667704Lok Hin MaHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
10Man Long ChowHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
118664821Siu Tung HuiHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club10:30
12Tsz Fung YuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People10:30
138639161Wing Chung TamPro-Active Orienteering Club10:30
14Sam Choi Aby LamHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club10:30
15Austin ChungQueen's College Orienteering Club10:30
16Yau Man ChuHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
178670067Kwok Wai ChoyHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
18Tin Mong ChanHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
19Chi Ko Abdon CheungPolice Orienteering Club10:30
208664817Kwok Keung YeungHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club10:30
21Ka Ching LamScout Orienteering Club10:30
228045175Po Lok ChauHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
238670093Wang Ki YuenHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
24Yeung Chi LeeHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
25Wai Nang ChungHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
26Daniel Antonio PereiraHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
278664819Cheuk Wang WongHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
28Chung Wai LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
298667692Yi YouApex Action10:30
308668703Tsz Chun Jason WongLa Salle College Orienteering Club10:30
318667702Hoi Man ChengHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
328641520Io Pan WongYouth Advance Orienteering Club10:30


6 300 m, 10 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
418667695Hau Wah Brenda ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30
428361119Cho Yu LamBelilios Public School Orienteering Club10:30
438667730Wai Lan Iris LuiHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club10:30
448668720Pui Fung ChanHong Kong Family Orienteering Club10:30
458639266Ka Ki LeungHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
468639204Sze Wing YeeHong Kong Island Orienteering Force10:30
47Yuen Ki Hilda ChengThe Hong Kong Award for Young People10:30
488414073Charmaine Kai Wing FungHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club10:30
49Wing Sum LeeYouth Advance Orienteering Club10:30
50Ying Yau ChuHong Kong Orienteering Club10:30


4 100 m, 58 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
113Tat Hei ChowScout Orienteering Club11:30
153Cheuk Yin YipMOPC11:31
124Cher Hin Vincent Lee11:32
118Cheuk Lun Ip11:33
143Chak Lam Christopher Tong11:34
147Kan Wah Wong11:35
145Y.L. TSEHong Kong Island Orienteering Force11:36
149Pui Keung WongPolice Orienteering Club11:37
1398000852Wing Man SoOrienteering Seeds HK11:38
142Yu Hin TangPolice Orienteering Club11:39
152WAI NGAI ERIC WONGPolice Orienteering Club11:40
146Chi Yin WongHong Kong Orienteering Club11:41
108Ping Kuen ChengHong Kong Orienteering Club11:42
1488117109Man Wa WongHong Kong Orienteering Club11:43
114Tsz Kin ChungYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:44
110Kung Pan CheongHong Kong Orienteering Club11:45
121Chi Chuen LauScout Orienteering Club11:46
1308630925Chi Hang LiangOrienteering Seeds HK11:47
129Yat Lai Adrian LeungLa Salle College Orienteering Club11:48
1038639369Chun Kit ChanMetropolitan Orienteering Club11:49
134Kok Hei NgWah Yan Orienteering Club11:50
1018117102Cheuk Kai ChanQueen's College Orienteering Club11:51
1578516394Wai Hei YuenMOPC11:52
120Ming Yiu LamMOPC11:53
1228639379Kwok Sang LauMetropolitan Orienteering Club11:54
154Ka Lun YipHong Kong Island Orienteering Force11:55
155Sai Hong YuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People11:56
141Tsz Hong TamHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club11:57
150Tsz Fung WongWah Yan Orienteering Club11:58
132Yiu Fung ManHong Kong Orienteering Club11:59
1268225276Ting Ho Gilbert LeeYouth Advance Orienteering Club12:00
247Wai Ming WongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:00
102Chit Hung Isaac ChanVolunteers Orienteering Club12:01
1098014204Yuk Tung ChengHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group12:02
123Kwok Kuen LawHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:03
136Kwok Fung NgMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:04
1448518295Lok Hin TseMOPC12:05
1078664828Chi Kin ChauYouth Advance Orienteering Club12:06
1338518599Ka Sing NgMOPC12:07
137Shing Chi Ngz(Reserved)12:08
1128670056Kwok Wai CheungMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:09
1278518597Chung Man LeungScout Orienteering Club12:10
1258518298Chun Hong LeeMOPC12:11
1048667707Ka Shing Ricky ChanHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:12
115Tsz Lo FongApex Action12:13
131Tsz Hin LuiScout Orienteering Club12:14
1388667694Wing Kei NgMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:15
1408102728Chung Yin Dickson TamYouth Advance Orienteering Club12:16
116Cheuk Nuen HoMOPC12:17
1058117106Ka Yiu ChanQueen's College Orienteering Club12:18
128Ka Chai LeungMOPC12:19
119Ka Pak LaiPolice Orienteering Club12:20
111Chi Shing CheungHong Kong Orienteering Club12:21
1178516397Wun Lap HuiScout Orienteering Club12:22
135Kwan Shing NgHong Kong Orienteering Club12:23
106Yip Sang ChanPolice Orienteering Club12:24
1568630926Wei Yong YueMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:25
1518004573Wai Ming WongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:26


3 400 m, 32 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
5218663253Ching Mei Clara PoonHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club11:39
520Hoi Yan Pangz(Reserved)11:40
5058670088WEI KI RAINKY CHEUNGHong Kong Orienteering Club11:41
518Wai Yee MokHong Kong Orienteering Club11:42
5078667729HANIFA ISMAILHong Kong Orienteering Club11:43
506YUK CHING WINSOME FUNGHong Kong Orienteering Club11:44
526Pui Yi TangPolice Orienteering Club11:45
5118668716Ka Lai LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club11:46
5148117091Yim Yan LamHong Kong Orienteering Club11:47
501Man Chong Mariana AuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People11:48
5088664823Ying Ying HauOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:49
527Yin Hung TsangHong Kong Family Orienteering Club11:50
522Wai Hin SooHong Kong Island Orienteering Force11:51
503Ka Pui CheungPolice Orienteering Club11:52
525Po Wa TangYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:53
502Lai Yee ChanA12311:54
5308117083Sze Ha Elyse WongYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:55
5318668719Yi Shan WongHong Kong Orienteering Club11:56
513Yan Ting LamScout Orienteering Club11:57
528Lui TseHong Kong Orienteering Club11:58
5098668701Jasmine HuiMetropolitan Orienteering Club11:59
5328117082Lai Shan YuenHong Kong Orienteering Club12:00
516Hei Tung LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club12:01
504KA WING EMMA CHEUNGPolice Orienteering Club12:02
523Kar Bik TamAkinalliance12:03
5198639373Wing Si NgMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:04
5178518596Yin Ting LiMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:05
510WING YAN JOSEPHINE WONGHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:06
5158670618Hoi Yi LawHong Kong Orienteering Club12:07
5128639363Hei Yiu Alicia LamMetropolitan Orienteering Club12:08
5298667727Yuen Ting WanHong Kong Orienteering Club12:09
524Pik Kwan TangHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:10


4 000 m, 53 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
213CHI YUEN SZETOHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group11:33
2488668693Yuen Kwong Wilson Wooz(Reserved)11:34
245Kin Keung Wong11:35
227Horace Lo11:36
222Kay Hang Leung11:37
244Kam Fai Wong11:38
223Kwok Keung LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club11:39
240Wing Sing TsuiApex Action11:40
239Kwan Yuen TongPolice Orienteering Club11:41
202Chung Wing Stanley ChanThe Hong Kong Award for Young People11:42
2248670043Lam Freddy LeungAkinalliance11:43
2508110366Wai Yin Alexis YeungVolunteers Orienteering Club11:44
2218667699Wai Kay LawHong Kong Orienteering Club11:45
207Po Ming ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club11:46
232Ka Choi PangPolice Orienteering Club11:47
217Siu Fun HuHong Kong Orienteering Club11:48
238Yuk Cheong TangHong Kong Orienteering Club11:49
234Wing Ming ShamPolice Orienteering Club11:50
2058668698Kwok Wai Aaron ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club11:51
2538238238Shin Ho YuHong Kong Orienteering Club11:52
235Chi Shing ShiuHong Kong Orienteering Club11:53
233Ka Hang PoonPui Ching Orienteering Club11:54
225Lap On LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club11:55
2318832019Wai Tin ManHong Kong Orienteering Club11:56
212Wai Kee CheungPolice Orienteering Club11:57
230MAN KWONG ERIC SIUHong Kong Orienteering Club11:58
243HUNG ON WALLIS WONGOther Learning Experience Club11:59
2268639094Sai Fong LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club12:01
2418000288Chi Chung Isaac WongThe Hong Kong Award for Young People12:02
2428203040Ho Man WongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:03
214Man Fai FuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People12:04
206Ping Kin ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club12:05
218Ngai Sang HuiPolice Orienteering Club12:06
2378667698Chi Ho TamHong Kong Orienteering Club12:07
2048668705King Chung ChanScout Orienteering Club12:08
2158117092Man Hin FungOrienteering Seeds HK12:09
2518298238Vor YiuOrienteering Seeds HK12:10
249CHI HANG HENRY YANThe Hong Kong Award for Young People12:11
2118263013KWOK FUNG EDWIN CHEUNGHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group12:12
2018117073Bing Wing AuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:13
220Chun Fun LauApex Action12:14
2288117075Kwok Kay LoHong Kong Orienteering Club12:15
246Siu Tong WongApex Action12:16
2038518594Kai Wing Dicky ChanYouth Advance Orienteering Club12:17
252Gengfeng You12:18
210Fuk Lai ChenHong Kong Orienteering Club12:19
216Xiang HongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:20
209Yin Chun ChanHong Kong Family Orienteering Club12:21
219Kwok Wah KwongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:23
208Yee Leung ChanHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group12:24
2298668715Wing Shiu LoHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:25
254Yat Chor LauAkinalliance12:26


3 200 m, 26 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
612Shui Chun HoHong Kong Orienteering Club11:37
6238992019Yuk Hing WongHong Kong Orienteering Club11:38
606Yin Wan ChanMetropolitan Orienteering Club11:39
6108168168Lai Kuen Candy ChuiHong Kong Orienteering Club11:40
607Po Yi ChengHong Kong Orienteering Club11:41
609Lan See Nerissa ChoyOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:42
624Sun Yau YeungHong Kong Orienteering Club11:43
6168516695Sze Man Cecilia LeeHong Kong Orienteering Club11:44
614Sin Yu KoHong Kong Orienteering Club11:45
615Yuen Kwan LamPolice Orienteering Club11:46
6178117105Heidi LiOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:47
6018515812Wing See AuHong Kong Orienteering Club11:48
619LAI HAN LUIPolice Orienteering Club11:49
6088630922Lai Kuen Mona CheungPolice Orienteering Club11:50
626Hoi Yan YuHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club11:51
604Pui Ying ChanApex Action11:52
603Ka Yan ChanOrienteering Seeds HK11:53
611HING LING SHELLEY HOHong Kong Orienteering Club11:54
605Siu Mui ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club11:55
6028667686Ka Man ChanOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:56
621PATRICIA WONGThe Hong Kong Award for Young People11:57
6228261330Wai Man WongHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group11:58
613So Han HoYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:59
6208668699Suet Yan Mui12:00
618MANG WAH LOUISE LIHong Kong Orienteering Club12:01
625YUN FOONG CANDY YEUNGYouth Advance Orienteering Club12:02


3 900 m, 32 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
327Hin Wai Yam11:38
318Ryan Bu Yu LiuWah Yan Orienteering Club11:39
323Ka Wang SoWah Yan Orienteering Club11:40
312Hong Pui LeeHong Kong Orienteering Club11:41
330Wai Kit YuenYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:42
3288667712Kai Yui Hubert YamSt. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club11:43
3028667681Joshua Ho Kiu AuDiocesan Boys' School Orienteering Club11:44
320Lap Hang PoonWah Yan Orienteering Club11:45
321Ho Chun Sao11:46
311James Kar Fung LauWah Yan Orienteering Club11:47
3318664830Ka Chun YumMOPC11:48
324TSUN LEUNG TANGWah Yan Orienteering Club11:49
3198667700Cheuk Hei LumHong Kong Orienteering Club11:50
3168668709Yiu Tin LeungLa Salle College Orienteering Club11:51
308Hon Fai Adrian LamWah Yan Orienteering Club11:52
3058667690Cheuk Yiu ChuWah Yan Orienteering Club11:53
301Wai Him AuWah Yan Orienteering Club11:54
303CHALFON CHIANGWah Yan Orienteering Club11:55
325Kwan WongQueen's College Orienteering Club11:56
309Justin Y Yan KwokApex Action11:57
310Ho Yin KwongWah Yan Orienteering Club11:58
314Chun Hei LeungWah Yan Orienteering Club11:59
315Ho Chun LeungQueen's College Orienteering Club12:00
329Man Kit Bosco YauApex Action12:01
304Tsz Yeung ChanWah Yan Orienteering Club12:02
3138664834Sze Lut Nazirite LeeHong Kong Orienteering Club12:03
326Sin Ham Wong12:04
307Shu Ting HauWah Yan Orienteering Club12:05
317Yat Long Li12:06
322Siu Long ShumLa Salle College Orienteering Club12:07
3068667714Hong Ching FungOrienteering Seeds HK12:08
332Tsan Shun ManApex Action12:09


3 200 m, 13 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
7098667718Wing ManDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club12:03
7048667682Wai Ching FungHong Kong Orienteering Club12:04
7058667684Wai Ki FungHong Kong Orienteering Club12:05
7128117079Wing Yin WongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:06
702Hiu Laam Hillary ChanOrienteering Seeds HK12:07
711Lok Yi TangApex Action12:08
701Amanda Chun Yi ChanDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club12:09
7038630932Hoi Ki FuThe Hong Kong Award for Young People12:10
713Yoyo YouApex Action12:11
7088668704Hoi Yan LoHong Kong Orienteering Club12:12
7108668706Pui Yuet SiuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:13
7068667683Tsz Wing KwongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:14
707Hin Yi LauApex Action12:15


2 300 m, 36 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
436Marcus Yung11:50
435Wai Yin WuWah Yan Orienteering Club11:51
432Tam Wistan11:52
416Lok Chi Inigo HoWah Yan Orienteering Club11:53
427Tsz Yin PangWah Yan Orienteering Club11:54
430Wing Nam Soon11:55
423Yin Lung Max LeeWah Yan Orienteering Club11:56
434Yin Ho WongWah Yan Orienteering Club11:57
407Pak To ChanWah Yan Orienteering Club11:58
406Kwun Chung ChanHong Kong Family Orienteering Club11:59
437Ken Zhouz(Reserved)12:00
413Chun Ho Andre FuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:01
404Cheuk Him Daniel ChanHong Kong Orienteering Club12:02
431Kin To Tsoiz(Reserved)12:03
417Haocheng HongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:04
4188670087Tsz Chun KwongHong Kong Orienteering Club12:05
420Yin Lok Lamz(Reserved)12:06
4228670028Hoi Chun LeeApex Action12:07
414Chun Yan Alistair FuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:08
4108302613Ho Lam Marcus CheungHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group12:09
403BONO WOOHong Kong Orienteering Club12:10
4268117087Yu ManOrienteering Association of Hong Kong12:11
4098668696Ka Hei ChenHong Kong Orienteering Club12:12
4338001314Benjamin Hy WongThe Hong Kong Award for Young People12:13
405Chi Yuen ChanApex Action12:14
4248667701Chun Hei LoHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club12:15
401ALOK WOOApex Action12:16
4028664825Cheuk Yiu Janos AuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:17
429Pui Lok SiuHong Kong Orienteering Club12:18
4288664829Tsz Ming PoonY2Y Orienteering Development and Training Center12:19
415Chun Yuen HoHong Kong Orienteering Club12:21
421Cheuk Nam LauLa Salle College Orienteering Club12:22
408Pak Yu Felix ChanWah Yan Orienteering Club12:23
419Chun Ting Lai12:24
411Sze Chit ChoWah Yan Orienteering Club12:25
412Cheuk Long Ethan FongYing Wa Primary School Orienteering Club12:26


2 300 m, 10 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
8068117086Yat Yiu LunHong Kong Orienteering Club11:40
8018516398Tsz Ling ChanYouth Advance Orienteering Club11:41
8078667723Chung Kiu TsangHong Kong Orienteering Club11:42
802Cheuk Ling IpOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:43
805Xuan Ting Jessica LiuOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:44
8098668707Man Hei Meri YauDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club11:45
8108667710Yiu YiuOrienteering Seeds HK11:46
8048670020Lok Ching LeungHong Kong Orienteering Club11:47
8088664822Yik Fei WongOrienteering Association of Hong Kong11:48
8038117100Hiu Man Sophie KoHong Kong Orienteering Club11:49


2 300 m, 4 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
1102Chan / Kevin Chan Herman11:37:00
1103Ting Kay Douglas / Yang Tsz Bun / Bonnie Leung / B Kwong11:38:00
1101Yuen Leung / Chung Pui Ching Chung11:39:00
18159711815971 181597117:23:19


2 300 m, 7 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationStart time
1005Shan Evelyn Chan / Chan Cheuk Ki Fung11:30
1001Ling Tung / Kwong Ying Tung Chan11:31
1003Man Keung / Leung Tsz Fung Chun11:32
1004Hiu Lai / Yip Lai Shan Fu11:33
1006Giselle Cheuk See / Lee Sau Kan Lam11:34
1002Yeung / Vivian Tang Christie11:35
1007Sau / Ko Siu Ching Yeung11:36