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Official results for Pro-Active 短距離系列賽 2023 - 日賽 第三站 暨 香港定向排名聯賽 – 短距離 Pro-Active Sprint Orienteering 2023 - Day Stage 3 cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League - Sprint

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Name: Pro-Active 短距離系列賽 2023 - 日賽 第三站 暨 香港定向排名聯賽 – 短距離 Pro-Active Sprint Orienteering 2023 - Day Stage 3 cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League - Sprint
Organiser: Pro-Active Orienteering Club
Date: 12 November 2023

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Men Elite

3 600 m, 18 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Yu Tsz WaiThe Hong Kong Award for Young People15:014:10
2Li Chun HoTerraX Sports Club15:20+0:194:15
3Wong Cheuk WangPro-Active Orienteering Club16:21+1:204:32
4Chow Man LongHong Kong Island Orienteering Force17:19+2:184:48
5Jeremy LeungOrienteering Seeds HK17:30+2:294:51
6Yam Kai Yui HubertSt. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club17:43+2:424:55
7Hui Siu TungHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club17:47+2:464:56
8Chiu Yau ChungHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club18:01+3:005:00
9Choy Kwok WaiHong Kong Orienteering Club18:16+3:155:04
10Shiu Chit HeiMetropolitan Orienteering Club18:43+3:425:11
10Li Sing WaiHong Kong Island Orienteering Force18:43+3:425:11
12Yip Chak Lun GeraldHong Kong Island Orienteering Force18:47+3:465:13
13To Chung YinApex Action19:10+4:095:19
14Chung Ho YinHong Kong Orienteering Club19:26+4:255:23
15Lam Ka ChingSt. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club20:00+4:595:33
16Chow Tin NokApex Action28:56+13:558:02
Chan Chun Hei Jason (Guest)Y2Y Orienteering Development and Training Centre16:38+1:374:37
Yuen Wan HoApex Actiondisqualified
You YiMOPCdid not start

Women Elite

3 600 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lam Cho YuTerraX Sports Club18:545:15
2Chan Hau Wah BrendaHong Kong Orienteering Club19:50+0:565:30
3Chu Ying YauN.A.19:58+1:045:32
4Chan Pui FungHong Kong Family Orienteering Club22:06+3:126:08
5Wong Yi ShanPro-Active Orienteering Club22:37+3:436:16
6Lo Hoi YanPro-Active Orienteering Club23:23+4:296:29
7Leung Hei TungN.A.24:40+5:466:51
8Lee Wing Sze VivianHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club26:11+7:177:16
9Lui Wai Lan IrisHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club29:43+10:498:15
Kan Ming PuiScout Orienteering Clubdisqualified

Men Senior

3 100 m, 24 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chan Tsz Chung (M40)Hong Kong Family Orienteering Club17:525:45
2Wong Pui Keung (M40)Police Orienteering Club18:04+0:125:49
3Lo Wing Shiu (M40)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club19:28+1:366:16
4Yu Shin Ho (M65)Hong Kong Orienteering Club20:41+2:496:40
5Wong Isaac (M50)The Hong Kong Award for Young People20:59+3:076:46
6Chan Kai Wing Dicky (M45)Youth Advance Orienteering Club21:06+3:146:48
7Wong Man Wa (M45)Pro-Active Orienteering Club22:07+4:157:08
8Sy Huan Kun (M50)New Direction Orienteering Club22:18+4:267:11
9Yan Chi Hang (M45)The Hong Kong Award for Young People22:20+4:287:12
10Kam Sai Wai (M40)Apex Action22:37+4:457:17
11Wong Chi Tang Charlton (M40)Scout Orienteering Club23:35+5:437:36
12Lui Yuen Ming (M40)Hong Kong Orienteering Club23:47+5:557:40
13Liang Chi Hang (M50)Orienteering Seeds HK24:28+6:367:53
14Lee Chung Ming (M60)Hong Kong Orienteering Club24:32+6:407:54
15Chung Yuen Leung (M40)Police Orienteering Club24:41+6:497:57
16Yip Chi Hing (M40)Apex Action24:42+6:507:58
17Fu Man Fai (M50)The Hong Kong Award for Young People24:43+6:517:58
18Leung Lam Freddy (M55)Akinalliance26:12+8:208:27
19Tang Yuk Cheong (M60)Hong Kong Orienteering Club28:25+10:339:10
20Chan Kwok Wai Aaron (M65)Hong Kong Orienteering Club29:54+12:029:38
21Ko Man Fung Francis (M55)The Hong Kong Award for Young People32:27+14:3510:28
22Hau Man SingN.A.34:34+16:4211:09
23Chan Ping Kin (M50)Hong Kong Orienteering Club34:41+16:4911:11
24Chan Chung Wing Stanley (M65)The Hong Kong Award for Young People43:03+25:1113:53
Cheung Kwok Fung Edwin (M50)N.A.did not start
Man Wai Tin (M60)Hong Kong Orienteering Clubdid not start
Keung Siu MingN.A.did not start

Women Senior

3 000 m, 16 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chan Ka Man (W40)TerraX Sports Club26:338:51
2Vickie Wong (W60)Hong Kong Orienteering Club26:38+0:058:52
3Chiu Wai YinN.A.26:52+0:198:57
4Li Heidi (W50)Hong Kong Orienteering Club27:03+0:309:01
5Lau Pik Yi (W50)Pro-Active Orienteering Club29:07+2:349:42
6Chiu Chong Hua (W45)Scout Orienteering Club29:32+2:599:50
7Au Wing See (W55)Hong Kong Orienteering Club31:39+5:0610:33
8Lam Yuen Kwan Ada (W45)Police Orienteering Club32:13+5:4010:44
9Wong Yuk Hing (W60)Hong Kong Orienteering Club32:23+5:5010:47
10Chui Lai Kuen Candy (W60)Hong Kong Orienteering Club34:13+7:4011:24
11Chan Po Yee (W40)Orienteering Seeds HK35:03+8:3011:41
12Cheng Po Yi (W50)Hong Kong Orienteering Club36:12+9:3912:04
13Yu Hoi Yan (W40)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club36:40+10:0712:13
14Luk Lai Lai Rene (W55)Hong Kong Orienteering Club41:26+14:5313:48
15Chan Yin Wan (W55)Hong Kong Orienteering Club43:53+17:2014:37
Wong Yuk Ching Lam (W60)Hong Kong Family Orienteering Clubdisqualified

Men Open

3 400 m, 36 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Man Chi Kin (M35)Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force17:135:03
2Lee Sze Lut Nazirite (M20)Hong Kong Orienteering Club17:45+0:325:13
3Cheung Chi Ko Abdon (M35)Police Orienteering Club18:00+0:475:17
4Au Cheuk Yiu Janos (M20)Orienteering Seeds HK18:03+0:505:18
5Chan Yip Sang (M35)Police Orienteering Club18:31+1:185:26
6Wong Tsz Fung (M21)Wah Yan Orienteering Club19:26+2:135:42
7Wong Kwan (M20)Queen's College Orienteering Club19:41+2:285:47
8Wong Wai Ngai Eric (M35)Police Orienteering Club20:04+2:515:54
9Daniel Pereira (M35)Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force20:05+2:525:54
10Li Ming Chi (M35)Apex Action20:07+2:545:55
11Chan Ho Yin (M21)La Salle College Orienteering Club20:17+3:045:57
12Chau Chi Kin (M35)Youth Advance Orienteering Club20:18+3:055:58
13Chan Cheuk Kai Kevin (M21)N.A.20:28+3:156:01
14Chau Po Lok (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club20:33+3:206:02
15Cheung Siu Hei (M35)Apex Action20:38+3:256:04
16Leung Yiu Tin (M20)La Salle College Orienteering Club20:47+3:346:06
17Cheng Ping Kuen (M35)N.A.20:59+3:466:10
18Cheung Kwok Wai (M21)Metropolitan Orienteering Club21:09+3:566:13
19Fong Tsz Lo (M21)Apex Action21:29+4:166:19
20Yiu Vor (M21)Orienteering Seeds HK22:38+5:256:39
21Leung U Hang (M21)Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force22:42+5:296:40
22Choi Wai Kit (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club24:23+7:107:10
23Lam Ming Yiu (M21)MOPC24:34+7:217:13
24Chan Pui Wing (M21)St. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club25:21+8:087:27
25Chu Hing Shing (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club26:22+9:097:45
26Sao Ho ChunSt. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club26:28+9:157:47
27Wong Timothy Bryan Co (M21)N.A.26:45+9:327:52
28Cheung Chi Shing (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club26:59+9:467:56
29Chung Wai Nang (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club27:10+9:577:59
30Fung Chun Pan (M35)N.A.27:36+10:238:07
31Luk Chi Hin (M35)MOPC27:54+10:418:12
32Lui Tsz Hin (M21)Apex Action30:01+12:488:49
33Chan Chun Hang (M21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club31:33+14:209:16
34Chan Chit Hung Isaac (M21)Volunteers Orienteering Club32:50+15:379:39
35Yu Ho Lung (M21)Apex Action39:32+22:1911:37
Leung Hoi WanN.A.disqualified
Tam Chi HoHong Kong Orienteering Clubdid not start
Tai Sung ChitN.A.did not start

Women Open

3 100 m, 20 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Yu Tsz Ying (W21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club18:315:58
2Yiu Yiu (W21)Orienteering Seeds HK18:44+0:136:02
3Siu Pui Yuet (W20)Pro-Active Orienteering Club18:51+0:206:04
4Yau Man Hei Meri (W20)Diocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club19:32+1:016:18
5Wong Yee Yan (W20)Apex Action20:03+1:326:28
6Chan Lai Yee (W21)A12320:13+1:426:31
7Liu Ka Man (W35)Youth Advance Orienteering Club21:29+2:586:55
8Tang Po Wa (W21)Youth Advance Orienteering Club21:43+3:127:00
9Wong Wai Man (W35)Hong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group21:48+3:177:01
10Lui Wai Ning (W21)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club22:28+3:577:14
11Ng Wing Si (W21)Metropolitan Orienteering Club22:47+4:167:20
11Lui Lai Han Dennex (W35)Orienteering Seeds HK22:47+4:167:20
13Ho So Han (W35)Police Orienteering Club23:20+4:497:31
14Wan Yuen Ting (W21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club24:02+5:317:45
15Hui Jasmine (W21)Metropolitan Orienteering Club24:42+6:117:58
16Cheung Bo Ling (W35)Hong Kong Orienteering Club25:30+6:598:13
17Tang Pui Yi (W35)Police Orienteering Club25:40+7:098:16
18Charmaine Kwan Chi Man (W21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club27:50+9:198:58
19Wong Sze Ha Elyse (W21)Youth Advance Orienteering Club29:46+11:159:36
20Hau Ying Ying (W21)Hong Kong Orienteering Club32:09+13:3810:22
So Wing Man (W21)Orienteering Seeds HKdid not start
Tsang Sze Wai (W21)Scout Orienteering Clubdid not start
Liu WenN.A.did not start

Men Student A

3 000 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Fong Cheuk Long Ethan (M18)Ying Wa Primary School Orienteering Club16:465:35
2Law Pak Long (M18)Queen's College Orienteering Club18:42+1:566:14
3Poon Tsz Ming (M18)TerraX Sports Club20:08+3:226:42
4Yan Ho Hei (M18)The Hong Kong Award for Young People21:59+5:137:19
5Lo Chun Hei (M18)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club27:45+10:599:15
Cheung Ho Lam MarcusN.A.disqualified
Lau Cheuk Nam (M18)La Salle College Orienteering Clubdid not start

Women Student A

2 800 m, 4 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chan Chit YingPro-Active Orienteering Club23:148:17
2Law Tsz Nga HazelDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club30:22+7:0810:50
3Cheung Hui Yu ValerieDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club34:00+10:4612:08
4Cheng Sum Kiu AnsonDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club39:42+16:2814:10

Men Student B

2 800 m, 30 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Woo Alok (M16)Hong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group14:275:09
2Lo Man Hay (M14)Pro-Active Orienteering Club14:48+0:215:17
3Siu Pui Lok (M16)Pro-Active Orienteering Club14:54+0:275:19
4Kwong Tsz Chun (M14)Orienteering Seeds HK15:18+0:515:27
5Lau Yiu Hei (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club15:59+1:325:42
6Chan Pak Hei Ryan (M16)Wah Yan Orienteering Club16:16+1:495:48
7Tsoi Kin To (M14)TerraX Sports Club17:00+2:336:04
8Lai Lok To (M16)MOPC18:11+3:446:29
9Yip Cheuk Him (M14)Apex Action18:19+3:526:32
10Lee Lok Chit (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club18:34+4:076:37
11Mui Hamilton (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club19:00+4:336:47
12Law Tsun Lam (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club19:34+5:076:59
13Lai Yuk Sing (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club19:50+5:237:05
14Chng Yong Xi (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club21:17+6:507:36
15Au Tsz Shun (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club22:22+7:557:59
16Chan Chit Yat (M14)Wah Yan Orienteering Club23:17+8:508:18
17Tam Hei Wang (M14)MOPC23:24+8:578:21
18Chan Shun TingWah Yan Orienteering Club24:41+10:148:48
19Mak Tsz Him KeonWah Yan Orienteering Club24:59+10:328:55
20Lam Carter Ka NamWah Yan Orienteering Club28:08+13:4110:02
21Lau Yiu LunWah Yan Orienteering Club28:29+14:0210:10
22Yang Chun KitWah Yan Orienteering Club29:55+15:2810:41
23Chen Wai Ming (M16)MOPC30:53+16:2611:01
24Mok Ho Yung Nigel (M16)MOPC35:54+21:2712:49
25Tong Yui Him (M14)MOPC54:05+39:3819:18
Chan Pui Kan (Guest)St. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club23:17+8:508:18
Wan Wan (Guest)St. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Clubdisqualified
Leung Ching Yan (M14)MOPCdisqualified
Cheng Chi ChungWah Yan Orienteering Clubdisqualified
So Hoi NokWah Yan Orienteering Clubdisqualified
Man Yu (M14)Orienteering Seeds HKdid not start
Mitch Milas (M14)Apex Actiondid not start
Tsang Tsz In (M14)Ying Wa College Orienteering Clubdid not start
Leung Max (M16)MOPCdid not start
Fung Hoi Hei MosesWah Yan Orienteering Clubdid not start

Women Student B

2 800 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jerika Kong (W16)Pro-Active Orienteering Club16:325:54
2Wong Yik Fei (W16)Police Orienteering Club18:36+2:046:38
3Lee Tsz Yau (W14)Apex Action24:18+7:468:40
4Wong Hei Ching HillaryDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club46:56+30:2416:45
Ho Mandy Wing Yi (Guest)Apex Action19:51+3:197:05
Yip Ka Ka (Guest)Apex Action23:10+6:388:16
Cheng Ngo Ching RochelleDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Clubdisqualified
Wong Lok Hay HaylieDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Clubdisqualified
Cho Tsz Pui ChloeDiocesan Girls' School Orienteering Clubdisqualified
Wang So Ki (W14)Apex Actiondid not start
Fong Fei Suet (W16)MOPCdid not start

Men Student C

2 500 m, 18 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Leung Ngo Fung (M12)TerraX Sports Club17:216:56
2Ku Kin Hay Hendrick (M12)MOPC18:32+1:117:24
3Cheung Tin Yan Nathan (M10)Hong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group21:48+4:278:43
4Shek Cho Shing (M10)TerraX Sports Club22:05+4:448:50
5Ng Yat Hei (M12)Apex Action22:44+5:239:05
6Leung Wilson Aaric (M12)MOPC25:30+8:0910:12
7Yuen Tsz Hei (M10)Apex Action25:40+8:1910:16
8Kam Ho Tin (M10)Apex Action26:55+9:3410:46
9Kam Tin Lam (M8)Apex Action26:58+9:3710:47
10Chan Sun (M8)Hong Kong Family Orienteering Club33:20+15:5913:20
11Trevor Milas (M12)Apex Action34:08+16:4713:39
12Chan One (M8)Hong Kong Family Orienteering Club34:17+16:5613:42
13So Cheuk Shun (M10)Apex Action35:51+18:3014:20
14Lee Yui Him (M12)MOPC39:27+22:0615:46
15Wong Kin YikN.A.57:26+40:0522:58
Chan Hoi Shun (Guest)St. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club55:03+37:4222:01
Wong Sai Cheung (M12)N.A.disqualified
So Cheuk Mong (M8)Apex Actiondisqualified
Hui Wang Him (M10)Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Clubdid not start
Woo Ho Chun Jeff (M12)MOPCdid not start
Liu Zi XuanN.A.did not start

Women Student C

2 500 m, 6 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chung Pui Ching (W12)Police Orienteering Club20:248:09
2Tam On Ching (W12)N.A.23:14+2:509:17
3Tam Meryl (W12)TerraX Sports Club26:52+6:2810:44
4Leung Sophie (W12)Pro-Active Orienteering Club26:56+6:3210:46
5Choy Hiu Nam (W12)TerraX Sports Club27:12+6:4810:52
Liang Gwai Fei Lea (W12)Orienteering Seeds HKdisqualified
Agnes Sy (W10)New Direction Orienteering Clubdid not start
Liu Zi QiN.A.did not start

Novice Single

2 000 m, 1 starting competitor
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
Liu Tsz YauN.A.disqualified


2 000 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ho Hoi Yee Choy Yat NamN.A.43:4521:52
2Ellman Lau Damon LauN.A.45:20+1:3522:40

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