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Official results for Pro-Active 季前練習賽 一 2022 Pre-Season Training I 2022

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Name: Pro-Active 季前練習賽 一 2022 Pre-Season Training I 2022
Organiser: Pro-Active Orienteering Club
Date: 2 October 2022

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4 400 m, 15 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Tam Tsz HongPro-Active Orienteering Club20:334:40
2Chan Lai YeePro-Active Orienteering Club29:30+8:576:42
3Lum Cho FaiPro-Active Orienteering Club29:45+9:126:45
4Wu Wai YinPro-Active Orienteering Club34:59+14:267:57
5Tam Chi HoPro-Active Orienteering Club35:04+14:317:58
6Cheung Chi ShingPro-Active Orienteering Club35:55+15:228:09
7Chan Pak Yu FelixPro-Active Orienteering Club38:49+18:168:49
8Yuen Shuk HanPro-Active Orienteering Club38:53+18:208:50
9Wong Sing HamPro-Active Orienteering Club39:10+18:378:54
10Tang Cheuk HangPro-Active Orienteering Club39:43+19:109:01
11Tam Wistan Yeung HinPro-Active Orienteering Club43:11+22:389:48
12Lau Yiu HeiPro-Active Orienteering Club45:30+24:5710:20
13Yip Chi HingPro-Active Orienteering Club50:59+30:2611:35
Mui HamiltonPro-Active Orienteering Clubdid not finish
Ho Yiu TongPro-Active Orienteering Clubdid not finish


1 500 m, 7 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Leung SophiePro-Active Orienteering Club14:209:33
2Chng Yong XiPro-Active Orienteering Club21:59+7:3914:39
3Cheng Yat Long ReyesPro-Active Orienteering Club22:01+7:4114:40
4Mak Wai LokPro-Active Orienteering Club22:02+7:4214:41
5Liem ArwinPro-Active Orienteering Club29:28+15:0819:38
6Li HenryPro-Active Orienteering Club32:15+17:5521:30
7Wong Matthias JensonPro-Active Orienteering Club43:15+28:5528:50


2 200 m, 21 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Tam Tsz HongPro-Active Orienteering Club9:204:14
2Lee Yin Lung MaxPro-Active Orienteering Club11:55+2:355:24
3Lau Yiu HeiPro-Active Orienteering Club12:14+2:545:33
4Chan Lai YeePro-Active Orienteering Club12:50+3:305:49
5Wong Sing HamPro-Active Orienteering Club12:59+3:395:54
6Chan Pak Hei RyanPro-Active Orienteering Club14:10+4:506:26
7Tam Chi HoPro-Active Orienteering Club15:35+6:157:04
8Mui HamiltonPro-Active Orienteering Club16:02+6:427:17
9Tang Cheuk HangPro-Active Orienteering Club16:18+6:587:24
10Lum Cho FaiPro-Active Orienteering Club16:48+7:287:38
11Wu Wai YinPro-Active Orienteering Club17:20+8:007:52
12Mak Wai LokPro-Active Orienteering Club17:29+8:097:56
13Chng Yong XiPro-Active Orienteering Club17:40+8:208:01
14Yuen Shuk HanPro-Active Orienteering Club18:10+8:508:15
15Chan Pak Yu FelixPro-Active Orienteering Club19:14+9:548:44
16Cheng Yat Long ReyesPro-Active Orienteering Club20:30+11:109:19
17Ho Yiu TongPro-Active Orienteering Club22:14+12:5410:06
18Tam Wistan Yeung HinPro-Active Orienteering Club22:14+12:5410:06
19Yip Chi HingPro-Active Orienteering Club25:00+15:4011:21
20Lau Chun HeiPro-Active Orienteering Club27:15+17:5512:23
21Wong Matthias JensonPro-Active Orienteering Club56:47+47:2725:48

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