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Official results for NVii Y2Y 公園定向巡迴賽 2020 第四站 NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 4

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Name: NVii Y2Y 公園定向巡迴賽 2020 第四站 NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 4
Organiser: Y2Y Orienteering Development and Training Centre
Date: 31 October 2020

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16 starting competitors
1Yu Tsz WaiNo club membership35014:52
2Wong Cheuk WangNo club membership3202015:07
3Leung Chi HangNo club membership30015:00
4Tam Tsz HongNo club membership2902015:11
5Wong Tsz Chun JasonNo club membership27014:25
6Daniel PereiraNo club membership2702015:55
7Brian PoonNo club membership26014:41
8Yam Kai Yui HubertNo club membership2502015:33
9Kwong Man Fai TimothyNo club membership24014:07
10Wong Tsz FungNo club membership24014:32
11Choy Kwok WaiNo club membership2402015:09
12Michael Chun Chi TsangNo club membership20014:47
13Chan Cheung ManNo club membership2002015:06
14Wong Io PanNo club membership18014:44
15Horace LoNo club membership1802015:28
16Chu Hing ShingNo club membership1602015:20


5 starting competitors
1Chu Ying YauNo club membership27014:31
2Kharmoniya LamNo club membership2608018:55
3Wong Yi ShanNo club membership2402015:46
4Man WingNo club membership19014:33
5Cheung Bo LingNo club membership-3022025:09


14 starting competitors
1Man Chi KinNo club membership39017:49
2Cheung Chi Ko AbdonNo club membership34014:44
3Mutant TamNo club membership34017:47
4So Ka WangNo club membership3004019:16
5Lee Sze Lut NaziriteNo club membership29017:51
6Li Fuk Lung BruceNo club membership27017:20
7Au Bing WingNo club membership2602018:59
8Leung Yiu TinNo club membership2202018:58
9Lee Ting Ho GilbertNo club membership21018:00
10Chan Man HinNo club membership15015:31
11Cheung Chi ShingNo club membership14016:41
12Hui Wun LapNo club membership1102018:51
13Wong Wai MingNo club membership804019:17
14Chan Tak FungNo club membership-508021:04


15 starting competitors
1Chan Pui FungNo club membership26016:52
2Yuen Shuk HanNo club membership21018:00
3Alice LiNo club membership1902018:16
4Tse LuiNo club membership1904019:14
5Chan Yin WanNo club membership1404019:23
6Wan Yuen TingNo club membership1406020:03
7Kensley LeungNo club membership1406020:04
8Yuen Chin YuNo club membership13017:10
9Hui JasmineNo club membership1202018:08
10Wong Nga ManNo club membership9017:19
11Joyce TsangNo club membership8017:52
12Li HeidiNo club membership402018:36
13Kwong Tin LokNo club membership204019:12
Hayley HauNo club membership10201:08:50
Irene LuiNo club membership9401:04:54


19 starting competitors
1Tang Chun KitNo club membership39019:25
2Gerald YipNo club membership37019:13
3Wong IsaacNo club membership3002020:50
4Liang Chi HangNo club membership29019:45
5Lo Wing ShiuNo club membership2802020:07
6Yan Chi HangNo club membership25019:16
7Tam Chi HoNo club membership25018028:58
8Chen Fuk LaiNo club membership23019:52
9Leung Siu HoNo club membership2306022:57
10Ng Wai MingNo club membership1804021:24
11Sy Huan KunNo club membership17019:15
12Kwong Ka ShiNo club membership1604021:46
13Chu CaseyNo club membership1502020:14
14Fu Man FaiNo club membership1504021:08
15Chan King ChungNo club membership14019:23
16Wallace LoNo club membership1402020:12
17Lui Yuen MingNo club membership12019:54
18Yeung Kwok KeungNo club membership10014026:27
19Hau Wai ManNo club membership104021:04


7 starting competitors
1Josephine ChoiNo club membership20016:56
2Yu Hoi YanNo club membership17019:02
3Tsui Ying ShanNo club membership17019:40
4Ho So HanNo club membership16019:53
5Chan Ka ManNo club membership15019:51
6Jenny WongNo club membership8018:51
7Au Wing SeeNo club membership-4018028:14


23 starting competitors
1Joshua AuNo club membership40017:02
2Yau Man Kit BoscoNo club membership38019:41
3To Chung YinNo club membership35019:44
4Lee Ka WaiNo club membership3202020:22
5Chan King SanNo club membership28018:00
6Sao Ho ChunNo club membership2506022:56
7Tong Shee YiuNo club membership2402020:45
8Wong Sing HamNo club membership2408023:32
9Yu Tin YauNo club membership2208023:25
10Chan Tsun HimNo club membership21019:13
11Chu Cheuk YiuNo club membership21019:50
12Yan Ho LongNo club membership20017:04
13Leung Lik YanNo club membership20018:50
14Kong MarcusNo club membership1506022:28
15Chan Sin KeiNo club membership1508023:16
16Lee Cheuk KiuNo club membership14018:44
17Deng Zhi YanNo club membership14019:29
18Man Tsan ShunNo club membership1302020:33
19Hayson KwongNo club membership1104021:32
20Yeung Lok HinNo club membership1002020:07
21Kong Wing Sum TimothyNo club membership9016:49
22Fong Shing YanNo club membership708023:36
23Chung Kai ChungNo club membership6019:14


4 starting competitors
1Kwong Tsz WingNo club membership23019:06
2Ko Hiu Man SophieNo club membership21018:52
3Lui Shing YanNo club membership18020:00
4Belle Tsang Yan KiuNo club membership-1010024:56


28 starting competitors
1Au Cheuk Yiu JanosNo club membership28019:58
2Chen Ka HeiNo club membership26019:26
3Yan Ho HeiNo club membership24018:14
4Cho Sze ChitNo club membership24019:15
5Poon Tsz MingNo club membership2302020:10
6Law Pak LongNo club membership2302020:13
7Lo Chun HeiNo club membership2302020:29
8Mai Tai SheukNo club membership2102020:24
9Wong Yuk ChunNo club membership19019:19
10Chan Yin NokNo club membership1902020:51
11Kwong Tsz ChunNo club membership16018:59
12Hong HaochengNo club membership1606022:49
13Lee Yin Lung MaxNo club membership1304021:09
14Tin Yu Ho HucoNo club membership11019:45
15Tam EdwardNo club membership1108023:11
16Au Caleb Shun YinNo club membership9019:17
17Kam Doxa Hin WingNo club membership9019:47
18Ng Yun HingNo club membership906022:19
19Chan King HimNo club membership7016:50
20Sin Ka YatNo club membership7017:45
21Loh JeremyNo club membership7018:40
22Fong Shun SamuelNo club membership7019:02
23Fung ChunNo club membership7019:16
24Man YuNo club membership704021:13
25Ko Ho YeungNo club membership506022:48
26Tse Yat HangNo club membership4019:50
27Ho Cheuk HinNo club membership308023:15
28Hau Pak Kei RyanNo club membership104021:01


13 starting competitors
1Yau Man Hei MeriNo club membership2004021:01
2Sun JulianNo club membership1102020:12
3Leung Hoi ChingNo club membership1002020:03
4Yip ImanNo club membership1002020:33
5Wong Hei TungNo club membership802020:15
6Choi LokNo club membership708023:32
7Lam Long ChingNo club membership604021:03
8Chow Hiu KiNo club membership606022:35
9Tsui Tsz SuenNo club membership2010024:29
10Chu Tin WaiNo club membership4021:31
11Pang Hoi ChingNo club membership12025:27
12Lun Choi ManNo club membership-508023:08
13Tsoi Ka YingNo club membership-5016027:44


10 starting competitors
1Cheung Ho Lam MarcusNo club membership23019:16
2Chan Chi YuiNo club membership19019:21
3Chan Hon Lam MorganNo club membership19019:49
4Leung Ngo FungNo club membership15017:24
5Po Yik HeiNo club membership1104021:33
6Chu Cheuk HimNo club membership6018:04
7Tang Ching Chiu AndrewNo club membership2017:55
8Au Cheuk Nam JankoNo club membership2018:56
9Woo Ho Chun JeffNo club membership102020:07
10Ku Kin Hay HendrickNo club membership104021:06


7 starting competitors
1Lo Sui ChingNo club membership19018:39
2Chung Pui ChingNo club membership14019:18
3Liang Gwai Fei LeaNo club membership9016:16
4Leung SophieNo club membership6018:35
5Agnes SyNo club membership6019:45
6Hui Chung YauNo club membership2019:17
7Eska LeeNo club membership206022:27

CATI (Come & Try It)

3 starting competitors
1Chan Ho Yin / Chan Ka LeeNo club membership20018:46
2Ottis Mok / Benny MokNo club membership18019:33
3Tsoi Kin To / Tsoi Kin HangNo club membership13017:08


9 starting competitors
1Lo Kwok Kay / Lo Yat Hei Isaac / Lo Shun Yau JoshuaNo club membership19019:48
2Paul Lui / Aiden Lui / Adrian Lui / Iris LuiNo club membership1702020:22
3Marvis Lau / Tyrus Tam / Andre / AntonNo club membership15018:39
4Ng Miu Wah / Cheng On Kit / Cheng On NaNo club membership13018:32
5Lee Sze Man Cecilia / Au Po Man / Au Yan Tung Hannah / Au No club membership13018:43
6Leung Ka Lam / Cho Ching Yu Sean / Cho Wing KeungNo club membership10019:28
7Mak Ka Chuen Kennedy / Yuen Ching Yi / Mak Hoi YiuNo club membership602020:37
8Yuen Yat Hung / Vasco Yuen / Velsa YuenNo club membership504021:35
9Lam Yim Yan / Chan Ching James / Chan Ling EmmaNo club membership402020:37

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