Official results for Str8 x TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2021 Round 2

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Name: Str8 x TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2021 Round 2
Organisers: TerraX Sports Club / Y2Y Orienteering Development and Training Centre
Date: 7 August 2021

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3 500 m, 24 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Yu Tsz WaiTerraX Sports Club16:204:40
2Wong Cheuk WangTerraX Sports Club16:46+0:264:47
3Tam Tsz HongTerraX Sports Club17:10+0:504:54
4Brian PoonTerraX Sports Club17:31+1:115:00
5So Ka WangTerraX Sports Club17:34+1:145:01
6Mutant TamTerraX Sports Club17:46+1:265:04
7Lee Kin WaiTerraX Sports Club17:50+1:305:05
8Ma Lok HinTerraX Sports Club17:59+1:395:08
9Hui Siu TungTerraX Sports Club18:41+2:215:20
10Choy Kwok WaiTerraX Sports Club19:04+2:445:26
11Kwok Kin KwanTerraX Sports Club19:21+3:015:31
12Daniel PereiraTerraX Sports Club20:20+4:005:48
13Ivan ChiuTerraX Sports Club21:56+5:366:16
14Wong Tsz FungTerraX Sports Club22:58+6:386:33
15Yue Wei YongTerraX Sports Club24:09+7:496:54
16Au Bing WingTerraX Sports Club24:46+8:267:04
17Cheong Kung PanTerraX Sports Club25:01+8:417:08
18Luk Cheuk Ting PlatoTerraX Sports Club25:39+9:197:19
19Choi Wai KitTerraX Sports Club26:30+10:107:34
20Ng Kok HeiTerraX Sports Club27:04+10:447:44
21Chu Hing ShingTerraX Sports Club29:11+12:518:20
22Chan Chi Sing ClementTerraX Sports Club29:22+13:028:23
23Li Ming ChiTerraX Sports Club35:44+19:2410:12
24Li Ho TimTerraX Sports Club43:08+26:4812:19
Wong Tsz Chun JasonTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Au Joshua Ho KiuTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Cheung Kwun FungTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Cheung Yat Lung TommyTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Yiu VorTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


3 500 m, 11 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Harmony LamTerraX Sports Club20:035:43
2Leung Ka ManTerraX Sports Club21:07+1:046:02
3Chan Pui FungTerraX Sports Club21:18+1:156:05
4Vivian LeeTerraX Sports Club23:28+3:256:42
5Queenie SooTerraX Sports Club24:44+4:417:04
6Liu Ka ManTerraX Sports Club25:55+5:527:24
7Ng Wing SiTerraX Sports Club30:22+10:198:40
8Mok Wai YeeTerraX Sports Club31:03+11:008:52
9Violet LuiTerraX Sports Club32:14+12:119:12
10Cheung Bo LingTerraX Sports Club35:00+14:5710:00
11Fung Kit LingTerraX Sports Club37:50+17:4710:48
Charmaine FungTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Tse LuiTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


3 100 m, 21 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Man Chi KinTerraX Sports Club16:475:24
2Cheung Chi Ko AbdonTerraX Sports Club18:12+1:255:52
3Jeremy LeungTerraX Sports Club18:41+1:546:01
4Yuen Wan HoTerraX Sports Club20:30+3:436:36
5Lam Ming YiuTerraX Sports Club22:20+5:337:12
6Chan Ho YinTerraX Sports Club23:18+6:317:30
7Chiu Kwok LinTerraX Sports Club23:54+7:077:42
8Chan Yee LeungTerraX Sports Club24:50+8:038:00
9Leung Yat YinTerraX Sports Club24:54+8:078:01
10Cheung Chi ShingTerraX Sports Club26:15+9:288:28
11Li Fuk Lung BruceTerraX Sports Club27:29+10:428:51
12Tam Chi HoTerraX Sports Club27:40+10:538:55
13Lee Ting Ho GilbertTerraX Sports Club27:59+11:129:01
14Chan Man HinTerraX Sports Club31:53+15:0610:17
15Lui Tsz HinTerraX Sports Club32:14+15:2710:23
16Ko Chi ChiuTerraX Sports Club34:59+18:1211:17
17Lee Chung MingTerraX Sports Club36:02+19:1511:37
18Wong Kwok ChungTerraX Sports Club38:27+21:4012:24
19Chan Chun HangTerraX Sports Club41:50+25:0313:29
Chiu Luen KwanTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Hong XiangTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Ng Shing ChiTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Hui Wun LapTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 700 m, 25 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Yiu YiuTerraX Sports Club20:407:39
2Li HeidiTerraX Sports Club22:57+2:178:30
3Wiwin LeungTerraX Sports Club24:21+3:419:01
4Kwan Chi ManTerraX Sports Club24:34+3:549:05
5Yuen Shuk HanTerraX Sports Club24:59+4:199:15
6Chow Wai YiTerraX Sports Club26:04+5:249:39
7Wan Yuen TingTerraX Sports Club26:17+5:379:44
8Yeung Yun FoongTerraX Sports Club26:24+5:449:46
9Tsang Sin YingTerraX Sports Club27:43+7:0310:15
10Tang Pui YiTerraX Sports Club29:18+8:3810:51
11Shirley LeungTerraX Sports Club29:24+8:4410:53
12Hui JasmineTerraX Sports Club30:09+9:2911:10
13Chiu KonieTerraX Sports Club30:38+9:5811:20
14Hayley HauTerraX Sports Club32:00+11:2011:51
15Luk Lai Lai ReneTerraX Sports Club34:56+14:1612:56
16Choy Lai Heung SallyTerraX Sports Club36:15+15:3513:25
17Cheung Hoi Ling JenniferTerraX Sports Club38:09+17:2914:07
18Chan Siu MuiTerraX Sports Club40:02+19:2214:49
19Poon Wing KiTerraX Sports Club44:32+23:5216:29
20Cheng Chi YanTerraX Sports Club46:35+25:5517:15
Ivy CheungTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Yuen Chin YuTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Cheung Ka ManTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Shek Wai ChingTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Leung Yee MayTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Clara PoonTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 600 m, 20 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Ivan TangTerraX Sports Club15:466:03
2Chan Tsz ChungTerraX Sports Club16:47+1:016:27
3Wong Wai Ngai EricTerraX Sports Club17:43+1:576:48
4Yeung Kwok KeungTerraX Sports Club18:02+2:166:56
5Niederberger JurgTerraX Sports Club20:06+4:207:43
6Wong IsaacTerraX Sports Club20:34+4:487:54
7Yu Shin HoTerraX Sports Club20:40+4:547:56
8Hui Ngai SangTerraX Sports Club21:13+5:278:09
9Leung Siu HoTerraX Sports Club21:25+5:398:14
10Horace LoTerraX Sports Club21:33+5:478:17
11Lo Wing ShiuTerraX Sports Club21:57+6:118:26
12Hau Wai ManTerraX Sports Club22:29+6:438:38
13Yan Chi HangTerraX Sports Club23:03+7:178:51
14Chen Fuk LaiTerraX Sports Club23:23+7:378:59
15Liang Chi HangTerraX Sports Club23:24+7:389:00
16Gary LuiTerraX Sports Club24:22+8:369:22
17Wong Ho ManTerraX Sports Club25:35+9:499:50
18Tang Yuk CheongTerraX Sports Club28:23+12:3710:55
19Chan Kwok Wai AaronTerraX Sports Club30:08+14:2211:35
20Chan Ping KinTerraX Sports Club36:58+21:1214:13
Cheng Chung HangTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Chan King ChungTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 100 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lui Lai Han DennexTerraX Sports Club17:558:31
2Au Wing SeeTerraX Sports Club18:46+0:518:56
3Tsui Ying ShanTerraX Sports Club20:28+2:339:44
4Carmen ChanTerraX Sports Club20:53+2:589:56
5Patricia WongTerraX Sports Club20:59+3:049:59
6Fung Yuk Ching WinsomeTerraX Sports Club21:03+3:0810:01
7Chui Lai Kuen CandyTerraX Sports Club24:09+6:1411:30
8Chan Yin WanTerraX Sports Club37:18+19:2317:45
Mak Lai ChuTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified


2 600 m, 21 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Au Cheuk Yiu JanosTerraX Sports Club17:196:39
2Leung Ho ChunTerraX Sports Club18:44+1:257:12
3Yau Man Kit BoscoTerraX Sports Club18:52+1:337:15
3Leung Yiu TinTerraX Sports Club18:52+1:337:15
5Law Pak LongTerraX Sports Club19:11+1:527:22
6Lee Ka WaiTerraX Sports Club19:30+2:117:30
7Fung Wang Chit NicholasTerraX Sports Club20:07+2:487:44
8Cho Sze ChitTerraX Sports Club21:47+4:288:22
9Law Sing Yu SeanTerraX Sports Club21:50+4:318:23
10Lo Chun HeiTerraX Sports Club22:50+5:318:46
11Wong Sing HamTerraX Sports Club22:52+5:338:47
12Yan Ho LongTerraX Sports Club23:40+6:219:06
13Yu Pak YinTerraX Sports Club23:56+6:379:12
14Yan Ho HeiTerraX Sports Club23:59+6:409:13
15Lee Yin Lung MaxTerraX Sports Club24:27+7:089:24
16To Hon MingTerraX Sports Club25:43+8:249:53
17Chan Pak Yu FelixTerraX Sports Club26:10+8:5110:03
18Ng Yun HingTerraX Sports Club29:37+12:1811:23
19Fung Wang Kok MatthewTerraX Sports Club31:11+13:5211:59
20Tam EdwardTerraX Sports Club37:20+20:0114:21
21Hui Yat Laam PennyTerraX Sports Club40:49+23:3015:41
To Chung YinTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Tong Shee YiuTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Poon Tsz MingTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 200 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Yau Man Hei MeriTerraX Sports Club15:537:13
2Lam Tsz Yiu RachelTerraX Sports Club31:43+15:5014:25
Leung Lok ChingTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Wong Yee YanTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 200 m, 22 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Kwong Tsz ChunTerraX Sports Club16:227:26
2Hong HaochengTerraX Sports Club21:06+4:449:35
3Chen Ka HeiTerraX Sports Club22:09+5:4710:04
4Tsoi Kin ToTerraX Sports Club22:21+5:5910:09
5Mitch MilasTerraX Sports Club22:35+6:1310:15
6Xi Ming HinTerraX Sports Club24:57+8:3511:20
7Law Chi Wang MauriceTerraX Sports Club25:41+9:1911:40
8Hau Pak Kei RyanTerraX Sports Club26:37+10:1512:05
9Au Chun Ning GabrielTerraX Sports Club26:41+10:1912:07
10Ng Ching KiuTerraX Sports Club31:16+14:5414:12
11Tam Hei WangTerraX Sports Club35:28+19:0616:07
12Yim Hei LongTerraX Sports Club35:43+19:2116:14
13Sze LongTerraX Sports Club38:31+22:0917:30
14Cheung Man HeiTerraX Sports Club39:49+23:2718:05
15Yeung Pak YinTerraX Sports Club40:44+24:2218:30
16Wong Yin HoTerraX Sports Club41:58+25:3619:04
17Tang Tseng FeiTerraX Sports Club42:45+26:2319:25
18Tiu Chun HongTerraX Sports Club44:03+27:4120:01
19Wong Sze YeukTerraX Sports Club49:13+32:5122:22
Pan Hok TunTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Lam Wai ChungTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Lee Yat FungTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Chan Hon Lam MorganTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


2 100 m, 5 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Kong JerikaTerraX Sports Club16:347:53
2Wong Yik FeiTerraX Sports Club19:10+2:369:07
3Chan Yui KiuTerraX Sports Club23:48+7:1411:20
4Fung Yuen KiTerraX Sports Club28:59+12:2513:48
5Lun Choi ManTerraX Sports Club41:30+24:5619:45


1 500 m, 9 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Au Cheuk Nam JankoTerraX Sports Club15:3510:23
2Leung Ngo FungTerraX Sports Club17:12+1:3711:28
3Leung Wilson AaricTerraX Sports Club25:32+9:5717:01
4Chan OneTerraX Sports Club34:08+18:3322:45
5Lo Sui KiuTerraX Sports Club42:00+26:2528:00
6Tang Ching Chiu AndrewTerraX Sports Club42:45+27:1028:30
7Lau Chung TingTerraX Sports Club43:22+27:4728:54
8Leung Wai ShunTerraX Sports Club44:08+28:3329:25
Ho Chun KiuTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Yuen Tsz HeiTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Hui Wang HimTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Ng Yat HeiTerraX Sports Clubdid not start
Liu Sung Yi MaxTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


1 500 m, 7 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Chung Pui ChingTerraX Sports Club17:5311:55
2Lam Giselle Cheuk SeeTerraX Sports Club17:55+0:0211:56
3Leung SophieTerraX Sports Club19:53+2:0013:15
4Fung Yuen TingTerraX Sports Club40:29+22:3626:59
5Lo Sui ChingTerraX Sports Club45:52+27:5930:34
Lee Yat YanTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified
Chan Yui KaTerraX Sports Clubdisqualified

CATI (Come & Try It)

1 500 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jacky Yue / Phyllis NganTerraX Sports Club21:5614:37
2Yu Lai Man Lilian / Lau Chung KiuTerraX Sports Club39:54+17:5826:36


1 500 m, 7 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lau Yui Hong / Lau Chau KuenTerraX Sports Club13:028:41
2Edith Chow / Trevor MilasTerraX Sports Club19:21+6:1912:54
3Kam Sai Wai / Kam Ho Tin / Kam Tin LamTerraX Sports Club19:46+6:4413:10
4Cheung Ho Yeung / Cheung Kwok WaiTerraX Sports Club25:02+12:0016:41
5Ng Tai Wai David / Wong Chung Ki / Ng Nok LamTerraX Sports Club25:54+12:5217:16
6Ho Lai Shun / Lee Pui Sze / Ho King Yin ArthurTerraX Sports Club35:22+22:2023:34
7Wong Wa Fu / Wong Ban Yin / Wong Ban HeiTerraX Sports Club37:24+24:2224:56
Pun Cher Yin / Hui Wing YiuTerraX Sports Clubdid not start


1 500 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Wong Mei YanTerraX Sports Club19:2212:54
2Chan Po YeeTerraX Sports Club19:54+0:3213:16

Teen Duo

2 100 m, 2 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Choi Lok / Tsoi Ka YingTerraX Sports Club22:3310:44
2Cheung Tsz Yung / Ng Pak YingTerraX Sports Club43:57+21:2420:55

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